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Lighting Rebate Process

Steps in Having a LED Upgrade with MDGreen

Deciding on converting into more sustainable ways of consuming electricity at your home or at your commercial spaces can be of the most effective ways to cut off the costs from electric bills. Aside from this, you will also be able to do a lot of good things to the environment with the help of LED products as you lessen your properties’ demand on energy consumption. With this, it is good to know the specifics of what happens when you finally commit to work with MDGreen Energy in turning your home or office into an eco-friendly niche.

Assessment and audit

As with any other processes, it is important for your chosen company to determine beforehand if your place is eligible to have outlets for green energy. Since not all properties are built the same way and possess the same type of area logistics, it would help a lot in the successful conversion if the specifics of your properties are sorted out before the actual implementation. The prospect number of LED products needed for the project will also be audited at this point.

Planning and design

Once everything is already assessed and audited, your provider will then begin to create retrofitting green energy designs that will fit the specifications dictated by the previous step. These will be presented to you, and your input will be collected as well.

Project proposal

After the designs in the placement of the LED products are finalized, a budget proposal will be handed to you by the company’s technician and business experts. By this time, you should still be able to make necessary adjustments in order for the whole project to fit right into your budget and preferences.

Project implementation

As soon as all the paperwork for the budget is complied with, sorted out and finalized, the company should then immediately start the installation process. Providers like MDGreen usually have access to in-house foremen and utility workers that will be able to work professionally and efficiently in a team. Request papers and similar documents will also be sent to the suppliers of the materials. In order for you to ensure that the right design and materials will be used for the installation, it would be best if you meet up with all the involved personnel right before they start installing the LED products at your property.

Project completion and evaluation

For companies like MDGreen, services do not end right after finishing the project. To ensure a safely and efficiently operating system of green energy consuming products at your home or office, your provider should perform a review of the finished project. You can also request for modifications, should there be anything that you want to be changed.