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    Enhancing the environment.

    Elevating the economy.

    We are an energy efficiency and sustainability
    company. Our commitment is to find the
    balance between business and environment.

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    We are ready to support

    you anytime, anywhere,
    to go green

    We are established in the US East Coast with
    operations in Middle-East, India and Africa.

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    Service to our clients is

    service to the planet

    We believe that our clients are long-term
    relationships, and they expect
    the highest end-to-end quality, that's
    how we can take care of this planet.

Energizing your business

  • Cost-efficiency through energy efficiency

  • Today’s technology with an eye on tomorrow

  • Handholding from study to service

Solar Energy awesome feature

Turnkey solutions, expert knowledge and socially responsible

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    Energy Efficiency

  • Solar Panel Renewable Energy from nature

    Renewable Energy

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    Utility Rebates


Rakesh Patel, Founder

The environment is urgent. The climate is urgent. The time to do something is now. Which is why I personally make myself available to every client for any issue, discussion, and way forward. Because I also understand that business cannot wait."